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국제 학술발표 논문

한양대학교 나노입자제어 연구실입니다.

국제 학술발표 논문 목록
날짜 논문제목 저자 발행기관 조회
03-08 “Development and performance evaluation of new type differe… 인기글 Kang-Ho Ahn American Association for aerosol research 32nd annual conferernce, Oregon Convention Center 1675
03-08 “Measuring aerosol distribution between biking trails” 인기글 KangHo Ahn 2014 International Aerosol Conference 1651
03-08 "The correlation of ion concentration in UPW and SMPS distr… 인기글 Gisoo Jeon 2009 American Association for Aerosol Research 1529
03-08 "Characterization of a High Flow Rate Water Based Condensat… 인기글 Jinhong Ahn AAAR 27th Annual Conference 1411
03-08 "Atmospheric Charged Particle Monitoring at Lightning Event" 인기글 Hong-Ku Lee European Aerosol Conference 1259
03-08 “Development of Real-time Nano-particle counter” 인기글 KangHo Ahn 2014 International Aerosol Conference 1241
03-08 “NanoTiO2 Exposure Assessment When Using Printers” 인기글 Ellen Kim 2014 International Aerosol Conference 1214
03-08 “New Development and Performance Evaluation of the Modified … 인기글 Jae Seong Yi 2014 International Aerosol Conference 1183
03-08 “Performance Simulation and Experiment for Newly Developed … 인기글 Gunho Lee 2015 Asiand Aerosol Conference 1170
03-08 "Numerical simulation of the diffusion and distribution of n… 인기글 J.B. Kim 6th Asian Aerosol Conference 1137
03-08 "The Measurement of Atmosphere Aerosol by Mini Condensation… 인기글 Ha-Gue Chung European Aerosol Conference 1125
03-08 Development of Condensation Particle Counter for Engine Exh… 인기글 Ki-Tai. Kang International Aerosol Conference 2010 1118
03-08 “Atmospheric Aerosol Measurement Using Tethered-balloon Sys… 인기글 Hee-Ram Eun American Association for aerosol research 1105
03-08 “ Development of Hanyang Nano Particle Sizer” 인기글 Hong Ku Lee American Association for aerosol research 1098
03-08 Ambient Aerosol Charge Monitoring with Aerosol Electrical M… 인기글 Kang-Ho. Ahn International Aerosol Conference 2010 1089
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