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국제 학술발표 논문

한양대학교 나노입자제어 연구실입니다.

국제 학술발표 논문 목록
날짜 논문제목 저자 발행기관 조회
03-08 "Atmospheric Charged Particle Monitoring at Lightning Event" 인기글 Hong-Ku Lee European Aerosol Conference 1259
03-08 Development and performance evaluation of MWCNT Generator 인기글 Sun-Man Kim ASIAN AEROSOL CONFERENCE 1073
03-08 Development and performance evaluation of MWCNT Generator 인기글 Sun-Man Kim, Gun-Ho ASIAN AEROSOL CONFERENCE 1029
03-08 "Characteristic of Charged Particle at Ansan Atmosphere" 인기글 Hong-Ku Lee ASIAN AEROSOL CONFERENCE 1046
03-08 "The study of Number Concentration Measurement method of Pa… 인기글 Ha-Gue Chung ASIAN AEROSOL CONFERENCE 997
03-08 The Measurement of Atmosphere Aerosol at Ansan, KOREA 인기글 Ha-Gue Chung ASIAN AEROSOL CONFERENCE 948
03-08 "Recovery from silver nanoparticle exposure-induced lung fu… 인기글 I.Yu, J.Sung 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting & ToxExpo 1000
03-08 "Prediction of heat and mass transfer over a finite flat pla… 인기글 Se-Jin Yook ASME-ATI-UIT 2010 Conference on Thermal and Environmental Issues in Energy Systems 1012
03-08 "The characteristic of uniformity by comparison between nume… 인기글 Ki-Soo. Jeon International Aerosol Conference 2010 987
03-08 Measurement of size and concentration of particles in a pip… 인기글 Hyeok. Chung International Aerosol Conference 2010 1030
03-08 Development of Laser Printer Generated Particle Number Conc… 인기글 Kyung-Hwan. Lee International Aerosol Conference 2010 1085
03-08 Development of Condensation Particle Counter for Engine Exh… 인기글 Ki-Tai. Kang International Aerosol Conference 2010 1118
03-08 Ambient Aerosol Charge Monitoring with Aerosol Electrical M… 인기글 Kang-Ho. Ahn International Aerosol Conference 2010 1089
03-08 A New Test Method Development for Number Concentration Measu… 인기글 S.M. Kim 2010 Joint Conference of International Society of Exposure Science & International Society for Enviornmental Epidemiology 2010 1007
03-08 "Numerical simulation of the diffusion and distribution of n… 인기글 J.B. Kim 6th Asian Aerosol Conference 1137
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