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국내·외 학술지 논문

한양대학교 나노입자제어 연구실입니다.

국내·외 학술지 논문 목록
날짜 논문제목 저자 발행기관 조회
03-08 LCD Brightness Decay due to Particulate Contamination of Bac… 인기글 Sanghoon Kim "JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY 745
03-08 대기 고도에 따른 입자 포집용 관성 임팩터의 설계 및 포집효율 예측 인기글 김규호 한국입자에어로졸학회 640
03-08 Test Method for Particle Removal Characteristic of Equiopmen… 인기글 이양우 반도체디스플레이기술학회지 583
03-08 Genotoxicity of silver nanoparticles in lung cells of Sprag… 인기글 Hyun Sun Cho J of Nanobiotechnology 587
03-08 Outbreak of bioaerosols with continuous use of humidifier in… 인기글 Ji Hyun Lee Toxicological Research 525
03-08 Continuous three-day exposure assessment of workplace manufa… 인기글 Ji Hyun Lee Journal of Nanoparticle Research 527
03-08 Hygroscopic behavior of wet dispersed and dry deposited NaNO… 인기글 HyeKyeong Kim Atmospheric Environment 530
03-08 Evaluation of newly developed nose-only inhalation exposure … 인기글 Ki-soo Jeon Inhalation Toxicology 549
03-08 Persistent DNA damage measured by Comet assay of Sprague-Daw… 인기글 Jin Sik Kim Toxicological Science 597
03-08 안산지역 내에서의 Tethered Balloon 탑재형 포집기를 이용한 연직 분포된 Aerosol 포집 및 … 인기글 은희람 한국입자에어로졸학회 590
03-08 반도체 공정장비 Gas Scrubber의 에너지 모니터링 시스템개발 인기글 김선만 반도체디스플레이기술학회지 613
03-08 Experimental Investigation of Submicron and Ultrafine Soot P… 인기글 Hee-Jae Hwang Atmospheric Environment 45 684
03-08 Single-particle characterization of summertime Antarctic aer… 인기글 Shila Maskey Environmental Science & Technology 607
03-08 Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) Dispersion and Aerosol… 인기글 Kang-Ho Ahn SH@W, Safety and Health at Work 589
03-08 Exposure assessment of workplaces manufacturing nano-sized T… 인기글 Ji Hyun Lee Inhalation Toxicology 585
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